Dropbox Plans to Conquer Business IT

April 10, 2013 • MSP/Cloud News

“The startup’s newest features are aimed at making nice with IT. Dropbox means business. That’s why the San Francisco-based file-sharing service is rebranding its “Dropbox for Teams” offering—geared at corporate users, not just consumers—to the more enterprise friendly-sounding “Dropbox for Business.” In an effort to make nice with IT, the company is also introducing single sign-on capabilities, which let employees log into Dropbox with the same credentials they use for other internal business apps (and gives administrators more control over the authentication process).


The company says 95% of the Fortune 500—and over 2 million businesses total—are already using Dropbox. It also says some 600 million work files are saved by employees each week. But few IT departments officially sanction the use of Dropbox, and some have outright bans on the file-sharing site because they fear it will weaken their ability to control and secure company data. What’s more, Dropbox hasn’t yet proven its got the right “DNA” to go after the enterprise market, a new entry for the company. In the meantime, there are many other competitors in the space. Los Altos-based Box has already made a name for itself in the enterprise space. Larger players like Google (GOOG) and Salesforce (CRM) have launched similar offerings and upstarts like Egynte and Accellion are also gunning for corporate customers. READ MORE:

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