How Managed Service Providers Can Turn Compliance Into Marketing

April 15, 2013 • MSPNews Bulletins & Updates

Many MSPs look at compliance as a nuisance. Honestly, I can’t blame them. Compliance comes with costs (both external and internal soft costs), time diverted from other endeavors, and other side effects that do not generally sit well with executives and business owners. Worse still, some MSPs feel they are caught in a sort of limbo because they are not fully sure if they need to be in compliance with a certain regulation or not. Overlapping standards can also create confusion for the MSP who must decide what is relevant for their profession and their often diverse customer base.


This bleak view of compliance, however, is not only archaic, but it ignores alternatives which may help MSPs deal with the difficult question of compliance and actually turn it into a positive. The new perspective on this issue is to turn your compliance costs into a marketing advantage. READ MORE:

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